• Optical bicycle & occupancy detection

    For indoor and outdoor parking facilities

Indoor place detection

Realtime occupany detection with optical sensors

Spot based detection with static optical sensor that monitor up to 40 parking spaces, enabling guidance with signs and LEDs, payment, vehicle, integrate with security and CCTV, and more…

  • Inhouse developed AI model

    The AI-model used for image processing is developed in-house and trained with millions parked vehicles.

  • over 99.5% accuracy

    of the detection rate and occupancy classification, with support of all commonly used vehicles types

  • Orphaned bikes

    detection of parking duration and orphaned bikes

Outdoor place detection

Realtime occupany detection with top down optical sensors

For outdoor parking Abel Smart Parking Guidance offers top-down optical sensors to monitor 100+ parking spaces from a single position. The optical sensors can be mounted on poles and buildings and have various connectivity methods like Power over Ethernet (PoE), WiFi and 4G / 5G.