• Smart Parking Guidance

    For indoor & outdoor parkings

Abel Smart Parking Guidance offers modular optical detection technology, wayfinding, software and integrations…

Key features

Indoor car detection

Spot based detection with static optical sensor that monitor 6 to 10 parking spaces. Abel Smart Parking offers a modular solution with standalone sensors, LEDs and an integrated version. The modular design enables easy integration in new as well as existing infrastructure.

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Outdoor car detection

For outdoor parking Abel Smart Parking Guidance offers top-down optical sensors to monitor 100+ parking spaces from a single position. The optical sensors can be mounted on poles and buildings and have various connectivity methods like Power over Ethernet (PoE), WiFi and 4G / 5G.

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Zone detection

Abel Smart Parking optical scanners enable zone based occupancy detection as a price competitive alternative to spot based detection. Zone based detection still enables guidance to available zones, find your vehicle location, price differentiation and more.

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Realtime occupancy monitoring

License plate detection support for both spot based detection and zone based detection. ANPR enables additional features like finding back the location of your vehicle in the parking, dynamic pricing, reservations and more…

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In-parking LED guidance

All LED’s have a bright 360 degrees field of view. LEDs are configurable to show different colors based on section purpose. Normally green is used for vacant and red for occupied spots. Additional colors can be chosen for special purpose places like EV, carshare, disabled spots, etc.

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Dynamic displays and signs

Dynamic displays offer guidance per zone or level, intended at every decision point for best user experience. Dynamic displays come in a standalone or full print variant, fully customized to the customers branding. Displays are fully configurable remotely.

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Find back your vehicle

Detection systems with ANPR enabled offer solutions to find back your vehicle’s location. Either on a standalone kiosk, integrated in the payment terminal or on a customer or 3rd party smartphone app.

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Webbased software

The Smart Parking system is fully manageable using a cloud based dashboard. The management system offers role based access for various tasks, ranging from daily operations, on-site management to data analysis and exports. The dashboard is available in multiple languages.

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Software integrations

The Smart Parking software offers REST API’s for integration with your own management applications as well as standard PMS integrations.

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